Turbine Oil 46

Turbine Oil 46

Turbine Oil 46

Behsan turbine oils are formulated from highly refined base stocks which exhibit excellent demulsibilty,anti-foam and air release properties
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Behsan turbine oils are formulated from highly refined base stocks which exhibit excellent demulsibilty, anti-foam and air release properties.
Their oxidative stability and corrosion protection property are further enhanced by the inclusion of specially selected


These turbine oils are primarily intended for the lubrication of gas and steam turbines where the base oils used have been selected to give the requisite water separation characteristics as well as providing resistance to foaming and air entrainment, all essential properties for this demanding application.

Turbine oil 68 meets the lower viscosity requirement favored by some manufacturers of marine turbine propulsion machinery and is predominantly used for the lubrication of turbine driven marine auxiliary equipment.
Turbine oil 32 is a light turbine oil for applications in small industrial gas turbines and LNG carriers. It is also used in various ancillary systems requiring rust and oxidation inhibited mineral oil to ISO VG 32.

Features / Benefits

Excellent oxidation stability provides trouble free operation for extended periods in aggressive environments where heat, air, moisture and metals can all contribute to oil degradation.
Good foam and air release properties means the product meets the requirements of most turbine builders. Excellent water separation and corrosion inhibition means reduced down time through prolonged lubricant life and
increased equipment reliability

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