Hydraulic - 10

Hydraulic - 10

Hydraulic - 10

Hydraulic - 10 is a high performance hydraulic oil formulated from advanced base oils and a balanced additive system designed to satisfy a wide range of heavy-duty hydraulic equipment requirements.
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Behsan Hydraulic Oils are designed to give excellent hydraulic pump protection.They provide excellent anti-wear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression. All grades have excellent demulsibility characteristics.

Hydraulic systems, due to the nature of their operation, experience accelerated wear unless they are protected by clean, high quality anti-wear hydraulic oils. Surging pressures in pumps and valves can increase metal-to-metal contact unless anti-wear protection is present. The anti-wear additives in Chevron Hydraulic Oils AW create a protective film on the metal surfaces. This protective film minimizes metal-to-metal contact, which is most severe in vane- and gear-type pumps. As hydraulic pressures increase over 1000 psi, the need for anti-wear protection increases proportionally.

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